Electronic circuits design / prototyping, Embedded Software

We offer custom-designed electronic appliances and software. Our services range from simple electronic circuits to very advanced system solutions. We offer comprehensive design work, from the prototype phase to EMC testing phase, and production of projects developed in both small series of prototypes and large production batches.

We specialize in the lighting system using high-power LEDs, including:

  • LED Modules
  • Power Supply
  • Wired / wireless control

A suggested solution:Any shape, and distribution of the LEDs on the module as per customer specifications

  • light angle in accordance with the requirements of application (selection / design of a suitable lens, reflector, or the construction of the module for a specific type of optics)
  • The appropriate color and power of light (selection of the appropriate type of LEDs, color, quantity, light output, CRI)
  • The design of the embedded module with the heat sink function or selection/design of an appropriate heat sink
  • the power system designed and optimized for a given project
  • Selection of proper lighting (on / off, dimming / brightening, tactile keypad, wired and wireless control)
  • Electrical Testing of the entire electronic system for compliance with the requirements/standards harmonized with LVD and EMC directives
  • High quality and precision
  • If you are looking for a partner to help you to bring LED technology to your products and increase the competitiveness of your business, contact us:b2b@2bora.com