The design process
1.Client`s idea:

It comprises presenting client?s general idea and determining the use of lighting in which we want to use LED technology. For example:

  • Will the LED module be used for decorative lighting, industrial, an insert to an existing lamp or is it an entirely new design of lamp housing
  • Where will lighting be located (indoors or outdoors)
  • What are the expectations of the lighting effect
  • Determining the number of custom-made LED modules
  • Defining the shape and dimensions for a ready LED module
  • Deciding on the expected processing lead time of the prototype and the first production batch.
2.Project requirements:

We help in the final description of the client’s project requirements. Owing to this, we combine customer?s vision and needs with our experience. At this stage we define, among others:

  • the parameters of the solution: the color of light, the luminous flux in lumens, color temperature (warm, natural, cool), the angle of incidence, Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • suitable power parameters (voltage and power) for an ongoing project
  • control options of the designed LED module (on / off, dimming / brightening, change the color / light color temperature, the control button, touch panel, remote wire / wireless …)
  • Cooling method: lamp housing, an external heat sink, a housing? heat sink hybrid solution or a mechanical fan solution
  • safeguards (such as thermal protection, overload protection)
  • the expected module duration (e.g. 7h a day for the next 5 years)
  • tests and standards to be met by the designed electronics and the LED module
3. Prototype:

As previously agreed, we make a prototype which is to verify design assumptions. It is a 100% working device, based on which the production is being prepared. The prototype is subjected to the tests required for the project (e.g. compatibility testing, durability, light parameters verification, basic electrical tests).

4. Production:

Having successfully approved the prototypes and having passed all required tests, the production starts as desired. Manufactured devices are subjected to verification of proper functioning, and delivered in a manner chosen by the client.

5. Support

We offer assistance in implementing the devices produced by our company in the final products of our customers and post-production services.