OMNIs 10

POWER LED's number: 10
Max. power [W] (warm white 3000K): 16 @500mA, 9,6 @350mA
Max. luminous flux [lm] (warm white 3000K) : 1286 @500mA, 864 @350mA
Max. efficiency [lm/W] (warm white 3000K): 87 @500mA, 97 @350mA
Power supply: current supply, max. 500mA
Working voltage [V] (warm white 3000K) : 30 @500mA, 27,3 @350mA
Working temperature [°C] (ambient temperature Ta= 25°C) : 55 @Ta = 25°C
Durability [h] (ambient temperature Ta= 25°C): >50 000 @500mA
Lighting angle - round [ °]: 24, 35, 46, 56, 83, 88
Lighting angle - oval [ °]: 44x23 , 48x20
Length: 510mm
Diameter: 18mm
Lamp's housing colour: Black, Silver
Lamp's ending caps colour: Black, Silver
Guarantee: 5 years

OMNIs is a family of very durable, reliable, small sized and simple in use LED modules. Available in a wide variety of colors, Color Rendering Indexes, lenses with different angles of lighting, connectors enabling wire or edge connection of the modules, make them the perfect solution for many lighting applications, such as:

  • Furniture built-in lighting (e.g. kitchen furniture)
  • Different types of showcases
  • Shop windows
  • Display cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Gastronomical purposes
  • Cabins
  • ?

Applied wire connectors make the connection itself very easy – specific connectors and tools are unnecessary.

Lack of the connectors gives certain advantages:

  • small diameter of the drilled holes (diameter of only two electrical wires).
  • possibility of adjusting the length of the wires to the customer’s needs