We design and manufacture energy-efficient and innovative electronics as well as create and develop professional software for embedded systems. The main area of our interest is functional LED lighting and wireless lighting control systems. Our products are distinguished by high-quality workmanship and perfect attention to detail. What is more, they meet a set of standards and requirements (LVD and EMC) imposed on  today’s high-end electronic devices. Simultaneous focus on comfort and joy of use make the products work with a wide range of devices on the market and make them simple to use at the same time. The range includes products for both companies producing lighting or using lights in their products and products for individual customers. We are open to individual projects according to client guidelines – we offer professional advice, carrying out a project  (from the prototype phase to the EMC testing phase) and production of developed projects. We treat new tasks as the opportunity to develop, thus we involve all our knowledge and experience in their execution.