Light color and color reproduction is a very important aspect of light quality. Until recently, the overwhelming majority were LEDs with Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)  above 5000K. Light with high CCT is perceived as “cool” blue – white. Although the diodes with high CCT are still very popular, there are more and more LEDs emitting neutral white and warm white (compatible with incandescent and halogen). They are less efficient than “cold” LEDs, but the technology of their production is constantly improving, which makes the difference in efficiency between  “cold” white light  and “warm” white light LEDs slowly blurred. LEDs emitting warm white light(2700-3000K) are most suitable for use in dwellings. LEDs emitting neutral – white color (3500-4000K) are more popular in commercial applications. Color Rendering Index (CRI) used for measuring conventional light sources turned out to be inadequate to define the color reproduction by the LEDs. Therefore, the LEDs, where possible, should be selected individually for specific applications.