It is difficult to put a price on LEDs. Good quality LED lamps are more expensive in comparison to conventional light sources. However, production costs of LED technology are falling rapidly. It is important to consider the overall costs and savings, including the cost of the lamp, the cost of power consumption and maintenance costs. This approach shows that the initial purchase price of LED lighting pays for  itself after about 3 years at current electricity prices and the cost of LED lamps (March 2012).

It is assumed that:

The average cost of kWh all charges included [Euro] 0,16
Average daily use of light [h]   4
lifetime [h] Power [W] The cost of bulbs / lamps [net Euro]
Halogen 50W 2000 50 2,5
LED 12W 50000 12 40

The graph shows the total operating cost  of a 50W halogen bulb and its 12W LED equivalent, the cost of electricity, the purchase price of halogen lamps and LED lamps included (22 halogen bulbs and 1 LED light during 30 years).